Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekly Winners : 10 - 16 Jan

We've had a bit of rain this week .... some areas have had more than others ( my son phoned me this morning and said they've had heavy rain every day this week and their garden is flooded) ... but our house seems to miss the heavy downpours generally ...

... with the moisture in the air and on the ground, mushrooms are popping up in my garden ...

... those are NOT mine .. in that box .. don't smoke .. never have ... it was put there for comparison ...

.... the fairies must have had a huge party under that large one on the lawn .... (which was duly mown over by the gardener yesterday before I could stop him!) .... but the fairies party zone was spaired as there are two equally large ones in the flower bed close by ....

Are those dainty fairy flowers ? ....

Back to reality ... yum yum ... food .... streeeeeeetch !!!!!!! (Grey Lourie)

.. streeeeeeetch ... need some rays !!!!! (Olive Thrush)

... streeeeeetch ..... who's that down there ? .... Starling

... oh .. it's ok ... it's only my mate having a nibble on the apple ....

The Crested Barbet had his turn ....

... and the male Yellow Weaver ....

... and his mate too .....

Dinosaurs are ready to attack ...

.... here they come .... !!!!! Watch out !!!

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  1. Beautiful shots of the mushrooms, birds, and dinosaurs.

  2. Great shots! I love the mushrooms... they're huge! =)

  3. I love the shot of the mushroom in the flower beds. You must have some very happy fairies there. I also loved being able to look into your birdfeeder. So many neat birds that we don't have here. I think I like the female Yellow Weaver even more than her mate despite his flashy colors.

  4. That 3rd photo is amazing..the colors and angles...well done.
    Love the bird ones as I mentioned on my photo's here in Germany they have bird food out as the poor birds cant find food in the snow..Your birds look very spoilt indeed..
    Thanks for sharing these...lovely and you adorable boys...they growing in front of my eyes.

  5. The mushrooms are great! The snaps at your bird feeder are wonderful, so many colorful visitors.

  6. Those mushroom are huge!!
    Love the bird photos

  7. big mushrooms...I bet the fairies had a great time with the dinosaurs....pretty birds...

  8. I love the mushroom photos and the little flowers are so pretty!

  9. Fantastic photos Avril. Love them all!!!!!

  10. Love the mushrooms, and the dinos! And I KNEW that last one HAD to be Connor!

  11. Oh those mushroom shots are exceptional!

  12. I love the pic of the mushroom in the garden. I can imagine the fairies having a party around it.