Sunday, January 3, 2010

Weekly Winners : 27 Dec - 2 Jan

A new year .... let's hope the road ahead ...

.. with all it's twists and turns ... (spot the giraffe !)
... is not going to be tough going ...

... it could be challenging ..

... but not tough enough to be 'suited up in armour' ...

.. with helping hands ...

A party ... or two ... with giant cupcakes !

.... and giant cherries on top !!!!

Summer evenings ...

... quiet, peaceful ...
.. and calm ...
Hubby and I took a drive out to Hartbeespoort Dam on New Year's Eve - these 'Big Five' floor tiles caught my eye in a curio/African art shop called 'Just Africa' ..

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  1. I love the composition of "summer evenings".
    Happy New Year, Avril!

  2. oh your summer photos make me dream of summer...tired of cold weather already....hope your road for 2010 is smooth and easy...

  3. Such determination on your new bike rider's face. It's all about the tongue.

  4. How's that giraffe?! It's brilliant!

  5. There you are in a tank top,... summer evenings, swimming pools and flip flops. You make me jealous! Secret Agent Mama is right, and she has the eye for it, Summer Evenings is a real winner! Happy New Year, in case I haven't said it yet ....

  6. Happy New Year. Hope its really a year of giant cup cakes with giant cherries.

  7. Happy New Year Avril! Summer nights are my favourite too!

  8. Avril Lovely posts!!!! Love the pics in the garden (from the lantenrs down , think it's the last three) - where were these taken, home?
    Gena @ thinking aloud