Monday, March 8, 2010

A little people weekend ...

We have been looking after Erin this weekend as her mommy and daddy have had to 'do grown-up stuff' as part of their degrees. She has missed mommy and daddy. I had the boys as often as I could which helped so much .. she went to bed exhausted !!!

She was introduced to Bakugan ...

... and was shown how they 'worked' ...

... did roly poly's down the hill ...

... and when Bradley came back after his party looking like a tiger .. the two little ones ran screaming and laughing around the garden ..

I find it very difficult to photograph all three grandchildren together, let alone the two littlest littlies but managed to capture their laughter when hubby was doing 'grandpa' antics with blocks ....

She's a very independent little soul ... explores the garden and plays contentedly on her own ...

... is very chatty and curious about everything around her ..

She's been a 'perfect princess' ... but now it's day four ... time to go home .... I think I'm in for a 'bad day' !!! .. lots of negotiating and bribery !! To be so little and be away from home for so long .. she's been an angel and pleasure to have here!
... and it's been lovely having 'girly' things around again ... dresses .. dollies ... alice bands ... and everything pink !!


  1. That last shot of her face is gorgeous!!
    Love the roly polying shot too :)
    Glad she had fun with you

  2. Beautiful little girl. I wish I had a mobile gran with so much love close to me.

  3. Absolutely lovely! So glad to see the little cousins are such good friends - I love that!

  4. love the giggles shots...oh your grandbabies are just are so fortunate to be able to spend so much time with them...

  5. I can imagine you're going to miss her! That last picture is gorgeous!

  6. The first pic of Erin and Conner against the wall by the window is uber cute.

  7. Your Princess is adorable....I can imagine how much you enjoyed doing the girlie things with her after having two boys in your home as often as you do.
    I envy the time you have with your little people..I love the time I have with mine but miss it so much when I go back to Germany...

    Great photo's of them having a good time together.