Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekly Winners :

A mix of photos this week .... as I seem to do every week :) !

From autumn shades in a fruit basket ..

... to two Grey Louries against a dark stormy sky one evening ..

.. to more autumn colours of one of the plectranthus plants in my garden ...

... "er, excuse me ... don't photograph us beautiful creatures from underneath (thro' windows).."

... "that's better ... from above .. but I'm keeping my beedy eye on you .. " (see the little black dot of his right eye!!)
.. and from triangles on wings ...

.. to circles ...
.. GO Bradley .. GO ...

.. how l..o..w can you go ?...

... " not fair .. I can't do it like that :( "

Promise ... no influence here !!! ... Yesterday, I was sitting in the garden while the boys were playing .. Bradley plonked himself on one of the logs and sat in the meditating pose ...
me .. "what are you doing?
Brad ... meditating
me .. where did you learn that?
Brad .. Master Yoda !!
me .. who is Master Yoda?
Brad .. He's in Star Wars .. meditating makes him strong !"

What can I say ... go Bradley go ... !! or should I say .. om .. om ... om !!
... and bless his little socks .. Connor tried too .. :) !!

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  1. CUTE! Love the triangle wings!
    The meditating.. too cute.
    I love kids minds.

  2. Hahaha, he stole my heart, AGAIN!!! Awwww, that last picture is ADORABLE!!!!

  3. Oh, seriously loving them meditating. That is freaking awesome.

  4. The shot of the boys mediating is awesome. They look so serene.

  5. Oh LOL!! Those ones of Bradley meditating are so very funny!!

  6. those boys are just precious...they stole the show...

  7. Prey mantises freak me out! ACK!! The meditating ones, though... too cute!

  8. Hahaha! Love seeing Connor try to copy his brother! Those are really cool!