Monday, March 1, 2010

Nice is nice !!

Hubby still away ... Elaine and I had lunch yesterday .. somewhere different ... Nice on 4th, Parkhurst, an old suburb of Johannesburg. Old houses bought by younger people bringing a vibe back ... this street used to be full of antique shops .. now 'hip and happening' restaurants and coffee shops have taken over ... still one or two antique shops .. but other very interesting places ..

.. a definite re-visit !! There are contemporary decor and design studios and all sorts of foodie places .. 'I love Cup Cake ' is one them ... really really need to pop into that place !!! It was closed by the time we left ..
Anyway .. back to 'Nice' which was ever so nice ... such friendly service .. makes you want to go back again .. and again ..

Menu on blackboards .. kitchen behind counter ... which stocked the most delicious looking desserts/cakes which Elaine was eyeing-but-didn't-have-space-for-any! Next time!

..decor old and funky ..

.. table decor .. simple ..

.. food ... oh sooo delectable !! Elaine had a chicken, avo, parmesan panini drizzled with a tasty balsamic dressing ... I had a salmon, avo and tomato relish salad. To drink, E had fresh watermelon juice and me ... chilled Fat Bastard Chardonney !!

Old books scattered about .. this one was on the sideboard which caught my eye having a large rose on the cover .... 'I recognise that style of painting roses ..

... I have placemats at home with same ' .. !!!!!

Must take hubby there ...


  1. Elaine told me about it when she came to visit yesterday, it sounds amazing!

  2. Good ole Parkhusrt - never disappoints. It's been too long.

  3. OH! I wanted to go to Parkhurst for lunch on Saturday and believe it or not, I couldn't remember how to get there, so we went to Greenside. It was OK - not great, but OK! And it's quite close by, isn't it? I am MAD at myself! Looks like you had a good time! :)

  4. Great place!!!! Glad you had a good time. Love the pics!!

  5. YUM. What great food! Thanks mom for an awesome Sunday lunch

  6. looks like a NICE place to go...great photos...

  7. This looks like a wonderful place to have lunch with your daughter or your hubby!!