Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not quite a felt-tipped pen ..

... but have had a spa pedicure today ...

.. where my feet were wrapped in hot paraffin wax ... oiled and massaged ... filed and buffed ... and finally prettied up with polish !!!
I also had a hot stone head and neck massage .... ooooh ... h e a v e n l y !!!!!
... and ... just when I thought she ... Lexi, the therapist from Body Therapy at the Lifestyle Garden Centre .... was finished ... she ... Lexi ... smeared my already-relaxed-oiled-back-and-neck with exfoliating scrub .... oooohh .. aaaahhh !!!
I stepped off the planet for two hours today ...
.... thank you soooo much Jeanette and Lance for an amazingly unforgettable birthday prezzie ... mwah !! x x x


  1. Yay! Glad it was good. I like that beauty salon a lot!

  2. We have been spoilt Avril - haven't we? Glad you enjoyed your massage. I am still walking on sunshine!!

  3. Oh that's a great prezzie. I love a hot stone massage - it is really the very very best.