Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Big Bad Wolf ... and the three little piggies

Grrrr! 'Little pig, little pig, let me come in .....'

Bradley getting into character for his school concert which was based on the Disney stories. Their class performed The Three Little Pigs and Bradley was one of three wolves ... all the other littlies were the little piggies - pink ones and black ones with cute little noses!

I went along with Lance, Jeanette and Connor to watch last evening. Love the excitement in the classroom when the littlies are having their make-up on ..
...reminds me of the days of Elaine's ballet concerts with all the little ballet girls crowded into rooms crammed with costumes hanging from every hook and door knob, tying of endless ribbons on shoes, hair gelled into tight buns ......

My photos are not half as nice as Jeanette's - she had all the 'bells and whistles' for her camera and I only had my little pocket Lumix - we had enough to carry without my larger camera as well. Just shows you what a good quality camera can do!!!!

Aren't they just so cute .... three little piggies with a big bad wolf!

Let the show begin ....
Photos also taken without the flash ... as Jeanette did ... but look at mine!! Zoom and colours are not good .. wished I had taken my other camera but it was a little difficult with Connor not sitting still for one minute ...
... he loved it!! Here he is singing along with the songs ... then he climbed from one chair to the next, copying all the actions ...

I wasn't fast enough to get photos of him dancing on the chairs.
Look ... it's Winnie the Pooh ... and Tigger too !! He loved it ... that was his favourite bit!

Yay .. bravo !!


  1. How cute! This is a great series Avril, even with a little point and shoot! Connor clearly enjoyed himself!

  2. brads looks so cute! and Connor looks like he had a great time. I'm must try not miss it next year :)

  3. Oh man! Your post today reminds me of my days of teaching. We used to have a concert every two years. The excitement preparing, on the night, getting the make-up done and coming off the stage afterwards - I can feel the feelings and smell the smells - thank you for taking me down memory lane!!
    Well done Bradley - you're a little star!

  4. LOL love the ones of Connor :)

  5. oh what little cutie daughter is a dancer and we have been going to recitals and ballets...plays for 18 years....she also teaches we get to go see the little ones she teaches..went to a recital on Monday night for one of the studios where she teaches..I told my husband some day we will be going to see grand babies performing also...such fun watching all the hard work....and all the cute costumes...