Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekly Winners : 24 - 30 May

Erin, our little granddaughter, came to visit last Sunday ... with her dad and mom of course ... and was a little shy when Elaine arrived home ....

We get together every few weeks or so ... and it takes her a little while to 'melt' ....

... and get used to us again. We don't make a fuss ... just chat with her ...

"You've got new little freckles on your nose!!"

"Same as you, 'Lainey bugs' "... (her name for Elaine, thanks to her daddy, Carl who has always called her by that name - they are 11 years apart and he gave her that nickname when she started getting her 'big' teeth)

I got such a big hug ...

Isn't she a little cutie pie ....

I was caught, with camera in hand, waiting for moments to take photos of Erin

The past week was busy with Bradley's concert and I had two very tired little boys every afternoon ... here is one .. watching TV in a trance ...

... and another, Connor - actually he was sick, so his daily routine nap at school went 'out the window' and he fell asleep every afternoon at around 4 messing up his whole evening routine.

Aaaaahhh!! Peace .. and eyelashes!

And lastly - wine or flowers ... wine or flowers ... wine or flowers ?
Ummm ... flowers today ! ... and a baby tortoise!

Will not be contributing next weekend :( to Weekly Winners as I am going to the Cape! :) :)))
Hubby and Mr T are going on business and I am going too! P managed to get me on the same flights ... yay ... but I will be going through to Somerset West to see my Mum for a day then ....
....when they have completed whatever it is they're going for ... we ... are ... going ... wine tasting!!!
Loads to blog about after next weekend !!
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  1. ahhhhhhh Avril, my heart melts seeing your Princess...she is so adorable.
    I know with my grandkids it takes them time to get used to me, one of the reasons I try have as many web chats as possible ( had a quickie today )
    I see you have a *big boy* there in your hands...dont you just love taking photo's?????!!!

    I hear Bradley lost his first exciting all the different stages and am sure its very peaceful in the house when Connor when my Eden sleeps..peace, beautiful peace in the home.

    Its a long weekend here - so tomorrow Hubby is short week for me to be alone which is great.

  2. She's too cute!!
    Shame at the connor photos, he was in a bad mood today again because we went out late last night... so this evening is going to be fun!
    Enjoy your trip :)

  3. what a bunch of cuties. I love how she plays with her hair!

  4. your grandbabies are so cute....I bet you are excited about your trip...can't wait to hear about your wine husband and I have been thinking about going on one...we just recently started to enjoy wine...

  5. Oh Erin is too darling! Hope you enjoy your trip! Wine tasting sounds like the right thing to be doing in this chilly weather! Have fun!

  6. What a cutie indeed, she's adorable! I'm sure I could not resist taking pictures of her either. It looks like your whole family is cute!!
    Yaay, for your visit to the cape next week, and give your Mom a big hug okay?
    Enjoy the wine tasting!