Thursday, May 14, 2009

Keeping littlies busy

Have two sick little 'puppies' here this afternoon .... Bradley coughing and coughing ... and sneezing ... :( ... and Connor with runny nose, coughing etc :( ..... the joys of being a granny !!

Normally in the afternoons I have to find things to keep them busy like playing Snakes and Ladders ...

... and I have two 'floor-books' which keep them occupied for a while - when they're in the mood of course ... one is of farm animals and this one is all about African animals ...

Connor can set it up by himself (with a little help!) It opens up into a large circle with stories, descriptions and pictures on both sides ....

Enough space for brothers to 'read' together ...


  1. that is so sweet...brotherly love...hope they get better soon...hope granny doesn't catch it...

  2. That book is too gorgeous!!

  3. The pics of Connor reading is adorable. And the last one is very special. Its times like that with my kids that the camera is never on hand.

  4. That's what I'm missing right this moment while reading this entry as its brought the reality of being a granny into my mind - WIPING THOSE RUNNING NOSES...and boy did I wipe noses as I hate snotty kids...hehehe
    Really amazing looking book that and both boys seem to be having a great time sharing it with each other..