Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weekly Winners : 10 - 16 May

In my garden ... again!

Sun-kissed autumn leaves of the 'Pride of India' (Lagerstroemia indica)

Bark of 'Pride of India'

Miniature date palm (Phoenix roebilinii)

Camelia bud

.. and another!

Mmmm .... red wine for celebrating !!

Shhh!! I'm hiding ...

You found me ... Nanny !!

He he he he !!!

Now ... what shall I do next ?

Ooh - embarrassing to show our study! that's where Connor is standing - it's the untidiest room in the house .. it's where the toys go ... the ironing is done ... my sewing desk and sewing machine lives there as well as the computer desk and 'space' ... and book shelves filled with books!!
Brrr ... need to keep nose warm in great-great-grannies mohair blanket!

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  1. You autumn leaf photos are beautifull. Down here you can feel that autumn is now well on its way and that winter is knocking on the door. We have our first proper cold weekend of the year.

  2. Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year, but to be honest I'm so pleased to be in spring as I had such a long the colors on your photo's you showing here in your blog.

    Wine to celebrate, no other way!!

    Conner reminds me of my Eden, always busy...I so understand.

    Every house has one room we dont want to show off, one draw in the kitchen thats full of everything, a bowl filled with odds and ends - LOL, funny how we are all so simular.

  3. Those first few pictures are exactly why I love autumn!

  4. Love your fall foliage, such rich colors.

    I need a wine glass like that, wonderful.

  5. Wonderful shots, Avril! Love the one of your daughter drinking wine!

  6. LOL at Jackie in the last shot!!
    Love the colours, and that bark is beautiful!

  7. Your foliage photos are so real and endearing that I feel like autumn is right around the corner. But we have to go through summer, first, and I'm really looking forward to that. Super shots!

  8. Very nice photographs! I love the autumn trees. Reall pretty!

  9. When in Spring, I say, I looooove Spring!
    Autumn comes around, and I fall in love again.
    Every year the same! And I haven't mentioned summer yet. ;-)

    How come that dogs always find a way to sneak onto the most precious blankets in the house?
    Ours, as small as he is - miniature long-haired dachshund - has learned to pull things off a chair or a bed. Upon being discovered, his body languages speaks of knowing that he's not supposed to, but "oh, it is so soft and cozy!".