Friday, May 8, 2009

Skywatch Friday : Yesterday ...

... and for a few days, we have had unseasonal storms - mainly terrific lightening and thunder followed by scattered rains ...

... so out came the camera yesterday after a night of flashing and crashing ... 'rumble in the jungle' as I told Connor. He is petrified ... but calmed him a lot when he noticed how scared Jackie, our little Jack Russell was. I then put the emphasis on her which helped quite a bit. We kept her calm by talking to her and making sure she was comfy in her bed, otherwise she hides, shaking under the table

The sky began to clear in the morning but not before that big black cloud burst ....

... and then it cleared ...

... and cleared some more until there was not a cloud to be seen ..

... by lunch time, they gathered again ...

... and got 'very angry' ....

... lightening and thunder (was busy calming littlies and doggies! .. would love to capture a lightening strike!!!!) and 'rumbing in the jungle' before it cleared again ...

... to a beautiful clear, crisp and cold evening ....

... with the moon shining brightly ....

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  1. What a great series of storm pictures. It is interesting to see how a storm builds up, and the a moment later is gone. Thanks for sharing

  2. Great sequence of storm pictures. Thanks for sharing. Hope that Conner is ok now and you Jack Russell.

  3. Stormy skies you have there....good photo's once again.
    Tell me more about this Friday sky day as I would like to start this from next week now that I am back from holiday.

  4. Oh what beautiful photographs! Love your blog today!

  5. Brilliant! I love the time sequencing!

  6. Beautiful sky shots. Love the series. Happy Skywatch Friday!

  7. I loved your last photo...the moon being held by the if they were aiming a spotlight!

  8. Wow those are some very black clouds! Great series.

  9. Fabulous stormy clouds. Great to see the build up....I can almost feel the air!

  10. what a series of sky photos in a day! interesting captures!

  11. I love how you captured the many changes of the weather! Fabulous.

    Happy Sky Watch Friday!

  12. I love that series, what a great idea!!!