Monday, May 18, 2009

Bradley's 6th Birthday party .....

.... was held this year at the Riverstone Lodge in Muldersdrift.

All the littlies had a ball!!
What a great party venue ... space to play ... every conceivable playground equipment to play on scattered around .... large lapa (thatched 'summerhouse') for parents and party food ... it was fantastic! Bradley had the best party .. ever .. he told me so yesterday!

Well done Mom and Dad! No Bollywood stuff here .. just plain 6 year old fun!! (should I have put that in? .. um .. yes!!)

Jeanette has far nicer photos than I do so pop along to her photoblog !
The foofie slide (zip-line) was the biggest drawcard ... (thanks for spelling of that J - I even looked it up in the dictionary!! but it seems to be a Southern African word)

Loads of fun on and in the old car (Carl, my son, as a student, had one of these and he also painted each panel in different colours - called it 'Noah's Ark'!)

Girls catching the foofie slide rope ...

... to have their own fun whilst Lance,the foofie slide catcher/buffer-at-the end-of-the-slide got some well earned rest ..

Ready to blow !! ...

Gone all shy while "Happy Birthday" is being sung !

"Little pig, little pig, let us come in ..... "

Can't resist but to add the wild-child-doing-a-wild-child thing !


  1. Lovely photos. Fantastic venue. Well done Jeanette and Lance. So happy that Bradley had a ball.

  2. looks like a fun 6th Birthday the wildchild doing wildchild things...

  3. Hehe I'm still smiling at that last photo :) It was a good party