Friday, May 15, 2009

Celebrating teeth !!

Funny thing to celebrate ?!!

Elaine is having the braces put on her teeth next week so we took her out last night for her 'last' juicy steak!

She has perfect teeth but as I've mentioned in previous posts, her jaw has been clicking for over a year which also causes it to get stuck. After investigation it was learnt that having had braces on her teeth at an early age caused the jaw to be pushed in an unnatural position thus moving the 'disc' at the jaw joint to move which causes heaps of problems. Soooo cutting a long story short .. she has had a retainer type device on the lower teeth for some months now getting the jaw ready for the next stage.
That time has come ... hence the celebration ... !

We took her and Bryan to Wombles in Parkhurst (Johannesburg) which is quoted as being 'The Finest Steakhouse in Southern Africa' .... and it is fabulous! It's run by a Zimbabwean couple, Duncan and Yvette Barker, who started the original and very successful Wombles in Harare, Zimbabwe. They relocated to Australia before finally coming back to Africa and open a Wombles here in 1984 ....

.... in an old house - with original pressed ceilings - in a suburb of Johannesburg. It has the old colonial ambience with 'Out of Africa' decor ... tables draped in white linen are adorned with candles .. and if you are having a special occasion - rose petals are scattered on the table. We went there years ago for a wedding anniversary - OMW we felt so special - very friendly greeting at the door .. wishing us a very happy anniversary .. being taken to our table scattered with red rose petals and glowing candles... it was special! There was a couple last night who were celebrating a birthday and they were treated in the same manner.

I love the chairs which are huge wooden armchairs - makes one feel like a character in Alice in Wonderland! ... and there are also lovely prints on the walls as well as old photographs from 'old Rhodesian days'. A little nostalgia for all us ex-Rhodies ....

The service is excellent ... from the greeting at the door ... to being taken to your table where the folded white napkin is whooshed up by one of the corners and placed expertly on your lap in a perfect triangle ... to being treated to a delicious meal impeccably served ...

We all had their renowned steaks - hubby and Bryan had rump whilst Elaine and I had fillet. Cooked to perfection and served with fresh veggies.

Elaine and Bryan enjoying the evening ....

Time for dessert ... hubby and I had filter coffee whilst Elaine and Bryan shared a chocolate mousse cake. I had a tiny taste .. yum!
If you happen to get up from the table for any reason, like going to the loo ... then your serviette is expertly but loosely folded and placed at your place setting ...

Elaine with her mommy .....

Hubby and I ....

Take a peek at the website for Wombles
Am hoping I haven't left anything out - I have done this twice! It's been a stop-start post!! Decided not to participate in Skywatch today but share this instead.
Anyway - it's a fabulous restaurant and well worth visit! Booking in advance is advisable - it's very popular!


  1. what a great steak look so pretty...nice photo of you and your husband...wish Elaine good luck with the braces...

  2. You were commenting on my blog at the same time I was reading yours!! What a coincidence!! Those are all great pictures and a very happy memory of what looks like a wonderful evening!!!

  3. Suddenly I feel like steak and choc pudding for dinner. Wonder why?

  4. I love going there!! Looks like you had a good evening

  5. what a huge celebration for her. Elaine must be so excited. I read in Jenty's blog that she's doing a photo shoot with Elaine and a friend today...cant wait to see the photo's.

    I love going out for dinner, anything but to cook!! wish I could find sushi in the place, only just started enjoying it - will have to ask around.

    You look great on the photo Avril.