Monday, May 4, 2009

Hot off the press !!

Bradley will be celebrating his 6th birthday tomorrow but it coincides with his first day of the new term at school ... sooo Jeanette decided to take the day off from work today.
I shared a special birthday lunch at the Spur with them ....
It was really lovely. The weather had warmed up a bit - we had a pretty chilly weekend - so we sat outside under the huge thatched gazebo/lapa which is specially designed for families ... the littlies can play on the playground equipment while the adults can relax and enjoy their meal. Spurs are for families ... hubby and I don't go there anymore ... no quiet candle lit dinners here! If you have children it is THE perfect place to go for a meal out.

Lance didn't stay long as he had to go back to work, but Jeanette and I shared a bottle of wine and chatted whilst Bradley and Connor disappeared into the play area. Popped back for a bite to eat and slurp of milkshake every now'n'again.
Ice cream topped with sparkler and waiters singing happy birthday to a very excited Bradley!! It was so cute to see him ... sooooo excited to be honoured with this ritual!

He bubbled over with excitement!

Of course, Mommy took photos too .....

... and he had his customary bubblegum milkshake ...

Peek-a-boo birthday-boy-for-tomorrow !

AAAA RR HHH !!! - (the 'wild child' doing a 'wild child' thing!)

Have orders for tomorrow afternoon after school .... a Granny's Speciality Birthday cake!! Chocolate cake with smarties in the shape of a 6 !!

Watch this space - another photo opportunity !!!


  1. Tell Bradley happy 6th birthday from TEXAS...cute photos..looks like everyone had a great time.... can't wait to see the photos of your cake...

  2. Hehe, thanks for joining us for lunch Mom!! I really enjoyed the afternoon

  3. Happy birthday Bradley...the big six!!!
    I love the Spur...boy did I make the most of that place while on holiday!
    So glad to be back online...:)

  4. Happy birthday to Bradley. We also went to the Spur for Dylan's birthday. Unfortunately they never came to sing. They waiter must have forgotten. Luckily I know the owner and I told her so she will rectify.

  5. Happy Birthday Bradley. My goodnes I cant believe he is 6 today. Time does fly!!

  6. I know I tried to comment here yesterday, but I must have gotten distracted!! Love the pictures!