Monday, May 11, 2009

These are the flowers ..

.... chosen by Connor to give to me yesterday, on Mother's Day.

Jeanette said that whilst they were shopping they walked passed these flowers and Connor stopped and said "Flowers ... for Nanny". J asked him if they should buy flowers for me as they hadn't decided what to get ..... and he replied "yes"

Cute as a button, he is!! And when they arrived for afternoon tea, Bradley came running in to give me the bunch and a huge hug!! Elaine made tiny baby muffins and I opened a tin of shortbread which hubby had brought back from his recent trip to London.

I spoke to my son on the phone earlier in the morning - they were going to spoil his Mum-in-law for the day

We went out for breakfast to a small quiet cafe in our little local shopping centre. It was lovely! Most of the larger eateries and cafes are packed with families spoiling their mothers/grannies for breakfasts, teas, or lunches. We've tried various places over the years. Bookings for breakfast and lunch are essential as they are always full. We have had good and bad experiences!! This year, the four of us - hubby, Elaine, Bryan and I decided to book a table at our local cafe which always serves a delicious breakfast. Nothing fancy but home-style fare! It was lovely! No camera with me :(

... and the cherry on top ..... Elaine gave me an extra special gift ... a morning to share with her at a health spa for a hot stone full body massage and foot treatment including a pedicure! Lucky lucky me !!!! We will be going in two weeks time when hubby is away on business again - can't wait!

Yesterday was bittersweet though. Our old Labrador, Robbie slipped and fell on the kitchen floor yesterday morning and is now battling. He is 11 years old with arthritis and failing eyesight ... hurt himself badly yesterday so Elaine and I took him to the vet. Not good news as he may have only pulled muscles and nerves but the vet doesn't think so. He may have permanent muscle and nerve damage down the one leg which is just caused by the arthritis and generally the onset of old age. He has always had problems with his joints which apparently is a common Labrador 'thing' but when he was 2 years old he needed an op on the one elbow - this is the leg that is now giving him a problem. Because he is older, and arthritic, he is not stable anymore on his feet ...
Our Robbie

Bradley and Connor giving Robbie some TLC a few weeks ago


  1. Hello Avril
    My heart ached when I read your comment in my blog for you today, could hear in the tone of the comment that you are very very upset ( and so you should be my friend ) I wish I could give you a big hug, but as I cant please accept a cyber hug from me to you...its not easy seeing a family member (and Robbie is just that) suffer - please keep us all updated on is nice to come over here and see a photo of Robbie as makes your comment more of a reality...

    You sure got spoilt on Mother's Day...lovely to be surround with your family that love you so much. Lovely flowers as well..
    My daughter in law gave me a Mother's Day gift as I was packing my suitcase, so did get something...heheh

    That spa treatment sounds devine, love being pampered - dont forget to let us know the step for step details - although you know I am going to be very jealous of you!!!! :)

  2. Hi, so sorry to hear about Robbie. I hope all goes well with him.

    So happy you got so spoil yesterday you really deserve lots of TLC, enjoy

  3. Poor Robbie, he really wasn't himself yesterday :(

  4. So, so sorry to hear about Robbie. Hoping all goes well and that he makes a speedy recovery.

  5. Poor Robbie. I remember him as the cutest puppy :-) Thinking of you. x

  6. I hope Robbie is okay...sounds like you had a great Mother's Day...the flowers are so pretty...

  7. Poor Robbie.
    I hope he gets well soon, and that he does not suffer too much!! I'm glad you had a great mother's day, and the flowers are beautiful!