Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekly Winners : 17 - 23 May

Laughing Buddha

Body and soul rejuvenating bubbles ..

Shades of brown

Beaded Buddha

Cascading beads


African bushveld through different 'eyes'


Pink succulent flowers ...

.. and green leaves

Whites, browns and blue

Swirls and curls

Delicate lilac

Vrroom..... vrroom.... !!


Lashes caught by the sun ...

... and ... the winning wine for Weekly Winners is .....

Bottled exclusively for Woolworths and only 1300 cases made (I've bought ... umm ... quite a few so far!!) - blend of Shiraz which vines originate in France and Grenache grape produced on 50 years old vines which origins are in Spain.

Shiraz/Grenache blend "shows a finely balanced structure and a delicious spice ripe-fruit character. Best enjoyed within 3 years ...." Oh ... OK ... so I need to drink it quickly 'cos it's a few years out but it still tastes yumm!

PS - I am NOT alcoholic ... I just love wine!!

Oh yes - not only are the Ken Forrester wines great ... the restaurant - 96 Winery Road, Stellenbosch is superb. Voted in the National Top 10 restaurants .... a-n-d ... my niece is one of the managers!!

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  1. Mmmm, that's my favourite wine. Didn't realise it was that limited... going to have to buy more when I can find it!
    Love the photos from your day at Woodlands yesterday, looks like it was a beautiful spot.

  2. Those lashes are amazing!

    That spa looks so inviting. Nicely done, wonderful set this week.

  3. I love all the angles in these shots. And, not fair showing us a bottle we will never be able to get!!

  4. Such relaxing shots. And those eyelashes are amazing.

  5. I love the fact that you recommend a wine every week. Cool idea, even though I don't drink much wine.

  6. Lovely shots. Now I want to go to the spa!

  7. Gorgeous location. Love the cools shots.

  8. Wow @ lashes. Great photos! I love the peek a boo shots!

    Weekly Winners 5/17-5/23
    Baby Steps

  9. Great shots!!
    I love the spa shot! Great capture of water in motion!

  10. I am also NOT an alcoholic, but totally love wine!

  11. The lashes are awesome and that looks soooooo relaxing.
    Shiraz. yum ;-)

  12. Ok, wherever you were for the first few, I want to go. Great set!

  13. I'm having a glass of wine as I'm reading this. It's a 1991 French Saint Estèphe. We don't drink that every day, but it's our wedding anniversary. 1991 ...

    Love the lashes!!