Saturday, March 14, 2009


Carl and Erin popped in for the day on Friday. They, with Nicole, after fetching her from work, were going to a farewell dinner for their great friends who are emigrating to Australia .. like so very many people .. of all ages ... who are deciding to leave our shores for greener pastures. G, being a paramedic .. one out of 27 leaving the country in this month alone (!) and T, being a radiographer. Both skills now being lost to this country .... oh my goodness, we saw it in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and it's happening here ......

Anyway on a lighter note - I took Carl and Erin to the local nursery which has a fabulous playground and tea garden where we spent a fun morning ... should have taken my camera! Erin had a wonderful time playing on the jungle gyms, slides and swings ... so many photo opportunities!!!

In the afternoon - poor little Connor who was still not well kept trying to join in the fun but started fading after a few minutes and came and sat with me for a cuddle. Bradley and Erin, on the other hand had a ball! Erin loves Bradley and follows him around like a little puppy and he, in turn, is so gentle with her and plays so nicely with her.

Very difficult to get all three together for a photo but I managed .. albeit briefly !!

Serious stuff !!!! Connor, Bradley and Erin are watching .... wait for it .... Barney !!!!! This is serious TV watching ... for little eyes and ears only ... no adults allowed !!!

"Take your dummy out ... and ... smile please .... pleeeeeeese ... for Granny ... "

Droopy-eyed Connor - was diagnosed earlier in the week with tonsilitis - wasn't improving so Jeanette took him back to the doctor .. he now has 'baby' measles .. no wonder he is so miz!! Here the two littlies are having a healthy snack!!

With Nicole ... Ring a ring a rosies, a pocket full of posies ...

... a tishoo, a tishoo, we all fall down ..


  1. There are definitely less people moving than last year though... it's not easy finding jobs elsewhere now.
    LOL, love the ring-a-rosies :)

  2. your babies are just so cute! thank you for sharing them with us

  3. Avril,
    I've been invited to play a game thought you might want to play along...just come by to visit for instructions...if you aren't interested...please don't worry about passing

  4. What a dear little granddaughter you have!! Poor Connor, his little eyes didn't look happy! Lovely to have the three together!