Saturday, March 21, 2009

True Friendship Award

I was flattered and delighted when Janet nominated me for this award. Thank you so much, Janet! I hope, I, lil' ol' me, will continue to inspire you!!!

I now have to follow the rules which are pretty simple but only nominating five has been tricky for me to choose. Anyway the rules are as follows:-

This award is to be given to five people who you consider true online friends.

So my nominations are ....

Marcelle ... I feel I know you so well having only 'met' a few months ago!

Firefly ... for your humour and for just being a nice young man! .. and I also love your PE photos!

Janet ... don't know whether I can nominate you as you nominated me ! But blow the rules - I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog!

Kim ... I enjoy popping into your world down-under!

Eleanor ... I love visiting you in your cosey cottage with your beautiful garden and of course your gorgeous labs!

I would love to nominate more .... if I could I would nominate my daughter Jeanette, without her I would not have been introduced to this wonderful world of blogging! Thank you, my girl, for being you .... and for being here when I need help !!!!!

Lastly, I have a new bloggie friend, Cate, who has just started a blog and would love to make new friends!


  1. Thank you Avril for all the comments on my blog, I was so excited to read them and thanks too for mentioning me on your blog and being so warm and friendly... blogging is lots of fun and you are a lovely lady, blessing for you...

  2. Thanks Mom!! Did you see I got to the finals of the Blog Awards again?! :)

  3. Well done Avril so proud of you. Your blogg is great.

  4. And like I said to Janet, here I don't even have a fireplace mantelpiece to put the awards on. Avril, thank you very much for the accolade. It is always nice to know that there are people out there who appreciate your blog and who you can count as true cyber friends. Thanks as well for calling me a nice young man. There are so many reminders of one getting older that you actually made my day.

  5. Thanks So much Avril.. I loved the photos of
    Connor being a gorilla hehehe. Amy is giving me pretend fish at the moment which I put down the front of my shirt. cheers kim