Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gorilla in our midst .....

As mentioned in previous post, Jeanette and I were trying to get good photos of the boys - especially Connor to put in a family frame for MIL -and generally just to have at least one decent photo!

Connor thought differently .... "let me think .. what shall I do for Mommy and Nan ... ummmm!

I'm a gorilla ....

... grrrrr .....

...... grrr ..... this is the way gorillas walk ....

.... aaaaa aaaaa aaaaa .... and we beat our chests like this!!! "

He is a cutie pie !!!


  1. Oh he's a little character of note! What lovely pictures. Thank heavens for electronic saving of photographs today - I think you'd have a houseful of photographs otherwise - and all too precious not to keep!

  2. He has so much character. Just too lovely. Gorgeous pictures.

  3. I agree with Avril. All the pics of me and my brother and sister are stand nice and pose pictures. With film in small cameras our parents would never have wasted money to take reels of pics of us playing like that. We must savour pics like this. One day when he is big you can use them to embarres him in front of his girlfriends.

  4. he is so photogenic, I love pictures that aren't posed, that are life

  5. Heeheee!!
    He must be great fun to have around you!
    I always enjoy seeing pictures of him, on your blog or at Jeanette's!