Monday, March 30, 2009

Erin is turning 2 ...

... next week on the 8th (she was a special delivery from the Easter Bunny two years arriving on Easter Sunday!) and shares her birthday with her little cousin Joshua who was born last year so she had her birthday party a little ahead of schedule so that he can have a special First birthday next weekend.

Our birthday prezzie to Erin .... lots of goodies ....

The cutest cupcake birthday cake !

She was not a happy 'camper' when it came to blowing-out-the-special-2-candle time ...

"Please blow out your special candle ... just for mommy" (the wind blew it out but Nicole was really trying to get her to blow it out) .....

.... and then along came Bradley and Connor and did the honours for her !

Well, at least this cupcake is yummy !! (which she ate then fell asleep !)
Before the blowing-out-the-special-2-candle ceremony she had loads of fun on the jumping castle .. here she is with Joshua who was loving every minute ...

Erin with two of her cousins - CJ and Joshua
CJ adores her baby brother
The boys having a chat with Dumbledore through the back garden gate. Carl and Nicole have Jack Russells and two of the most adorably huge Great Danes ... the oldest one being 8 year old Dumbledore who was dying to come and join the party - not really wise as, even though he wouldn't hurt a fly, his size alone scares people a little, no matter what their age!
He is a gentle giant ....


  1. Happy Birthday Eirn for the 8th. She is just the cutes girl. Poor little thing must have had such a busy day, so very excited too. Much love to Carl and Nicole. Love the pictures.

  2. We have a birthday party coming up as well with Dylan in April. Still looking to find a nice theme. He wants a camping party, so we are scratching our heads.

    Amazing how little kids go from happy and busy at a party to misluk to sleep...

  3. It was a lovely birthday party!

  4. Looks like it was a lovely party!! Good idea with cup cakes!

  5. Visiting your blog ans seeing the kids and all the fun going on, always gives me a warm feeling!
    What a cupcake she is!

  6. Happy Birthday, Erin and Joshua! Our youngest daughter shares a birthday with her cousin too.

    I want a cupcake...

  7. What a lovely birthday party! Last Friday my little granddaughter turned six and had her party down in Bloemfontein. Unfortunately I was not there but just heard about the fun over the phone. Blowing out the candles is a little intimidating when they are so young but, as your photos indicated, there are always lots of volunteers.