Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekly Winners : 8 - 14 March

I have had a busy week .........
All gone, Gampa!
Yeth! ...

... actually Erin is speaking very well : her vocabulary is vast, links words together and makes small sentences. I was hanging washing on the line while she was visiting the other day and said "Ganny, I can help you". She also copies some nursery rhymes quite clearly. Clever little girl! ..... and when she wanders around the house, she hums or gabbles softly to herself : she's such a cutie pie !!

Bougainvillea -
'Killie Campbell' is very pretty with new copper-red flowers that fade to magenta
Cerise pink Hibiscus
Morning dew on the Shrimp bush flower

Hairy 'tongue' in the bright morning light

New Hydrangea

Morning sun on dewy flowers of the hydrangea .. new and old

Bananas ...
.... pears ... ... and ripening tomatoes
Our sick little 'puppy'

No photos please .. Ganny!

Do I have to eat this carrot while I watch TV?

"La la la ... la la la"

Olive Thrush looking for a tasty treat

"I see the moon .. and the moon sees me ... "

Happy Birthday to our son-in-law

Family photo ... Jeanette and family
I only had my little camera on me .... it's the best photo of the bunch!
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  1. Your flowers are gorgeous! The family shots are wonderful too.

  2. You have a lovely family, like the moon shot

  3. Great pictures all around. Can't choose a favorite I love them all.

  4. Your shot is nicer than mine. Connor has his hand down my shirt in the best one :) LOL!
    Love the photo with Erin on the chair

  5. Love that family shot of Jeanette's family! I love the first two, too.. What a precious little one.

  6. I enjoyed those, all of them great, it felt like being right there with you! As a matter of fact, I wish I was, the weather looks great where you are!

  7. Nice to see Jeanette on the other side of the camera! ;-)

    Love that morning dew on the bush - quite lovely.

    And yay for the moon!

  8. I love the colors! Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Love your photos, Jeannette's family is gorgeous. Erin is such a cuttie pie

  10. They are a truly lovely set of photos Avril. I couldn't even begin to pick a favourite. Though the first shot of Erin is pretty special.. cheers kim