Thursday, March 19, 2009

Have you been upside-down lately ...

... like I do and always cringe at the sight of gravity-pulling-sagging-aging skin? Oh no - it's happening to me ... I am getting old! (really really sad face here!) :(

It seems every Thursday I notice it more when I hang up the washing with my arms up and outstetched .. no sleeves as it's still summer .. autumn actually .. but upward facing arms with skin that kind-of sags.

Wednesday is my 'yoga day' which I love. Love to challenge my body into all sorts of pretzel shapes .. the inner focus .. the me-time .. the relaxation afterwards, which is the best part. I just wish I could do it more as once a week is not enough for me.

First started yoga about 8 or 9 years ago at the gym and have followed my teacher to private classes. I missed a year or so whilst looking after Bradley when he was tiny, and then when our gym went belly-up about two years ago I waited for my teacher to start private classes that suited my free mornings. She only does one but it's better than nothing.

But ... when I first started, I had no idea what one wore to yoga so went along in my gym shorts - bad idea!!! I thought I was doing quite well for a first-timer until we went into our first shoulder stand! Oh .. my ... word !! Have you ever seen knees upside-down?! Ooh - not a pretty sight!

Went out after the class and bought myself those three-quarter tight stretchy gym pants! Yay - don't ever have to look at the upside-down knees again!

Anyway, 8 or 9 years down the line I am, of course, much older!! .... and the skin is hanging even more! Horrors! I have always, always, always used body lotion as I never, ever, ever wanted to have skin like my mother! But I grew up in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) where everyone played some sort of sport all year round. (That country has the BEST climate!! Pity about it's leader who has absolutely and completely ruined it). When I was little there was no such thing as sun block or if there was, we didn't have it (the country had economic sanctions so if things weren't "made in Rhodesia" they weren't available). Hence always being outdoors which plays havoc with skin!

Now doing shoulder stands, my yoga pants (yes, I have newer ones - proper lose fitting yoga pants!) but they flop down in the upside down positions and then I see them again ...... those knees! But now it's not only the knees .. it's the skin on the thighs !!! My lower legs, which are now higher than the thighs, are fine but then I study my feet - we hold the position for a while 'to enjoy the pose' !! Oh no - even the skin on my feet crinkle !!

.... and then my T-shirt starts to flop down towards my nose .... oh no .. my tummy!! Need to close my eyes .. need to close my eyes !!!

Yesterday we did a hand-stand against the mirror, of all places!! Yep - whole body now is upside down, with pants and T-shirt flopping, exposing areas I DO NOT want to see but need to keep my eyes open otherwise I'll fall over!!!!

Fortunately we always have a long relaxation afterwards - my teacher talks us through visual relaxation taking our minds to feel and see wonderful things and places .... forget about the gravity-pulled-wrinkley-skin ... I am in another world ....

.. until the next morning when I have to put the washing on the line!


  1. Haha! Avril - how true that is! Talk about "wobble" arms - I don't like waving when I have short sleeves on! Good on you for keeping up with the Yoga - I think that is great! Glad to see you awards up! Congrats!

  2. Ok, so I'm not to sure how to approach today's comment. What do I say without getting out of line? Hee, hee, hee.

    But truth to be told. I may only be in my early thirties, but alas, I am also getting older. I absolutely hate it when 18 year olds call me "oom". It creeps up my spine and wacks me over the head. Specially if it is like a sexy girl and you are admiring (not wanting, but admiring) her and the y next moment this huge bucket of ice water gets dumped over your head. "Oom" Aaaaaaarrrrggggggghhhhh!!! So we all feel the effect. I may not have floppy skin (yet), but I am receding so fast its not funny.

  3. I loved the photo you put with your story so relaxing,it is sad when your arm keeps waving even after you have is relaxing I need to get started back

  4. Hello, I have started a blog too and found your blog. Live in Benoni... I have been thinking about joining a yoga class and reading your blog brought a chuckle and the thought that it could be fun as well as help with all the wobbly bits too...

  5. Oh, I feel with you - drats those ravages of time!
    On the other hand, being healthy weighs more than any extra skin taken off!

  6. I just keep reminding myself that I am on the right side of the sod, and them as don't want to look at me don't have to. At least hubby still does! And having a friend who is 100 helps, too!
    I love the photo!! Waves, and sand as far as the eye can see!