Friday, March 6, 2009

Watching men at work

They are certainly not the best photos as the sun was bright and this is on the east side of the house in the shade ...

but I dashed to get the camera when the boys went inside to get their camping chairs .. marched outside .. placed them side by side ... and settled down to watch the men fixing our satellite dish this afternoon!

Connor decided to get a snack whilst watching ....
.. and then they watched .. .. although Connor was a little more interested in his biscuit!


  1. They are so cute, little boys love to watch men working, I think men also like to watch other men working

  2. The two guys probably had a good laugh when the lady of the house came sneaking up behind the boys with her camera. LOL.

  3. Oh LOL that's so cute!
    Those guys must've thought the boys were nuts!