Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary ...

.. to Ian and Kathy and may you be blessed with many many more happy years together
They had a beautiful wedding in our garden - all shades of pink! I made Kathy's palest of pale pink dress, as well as dresses for Jeanette and I. My Mum and Dad arrived from Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) with a car filled with paper flowers of all shades of pink, which we attached to balls which were then hung from roof of the open sided tent, as well as made bouquets of flowers for every conceivable spot that could have flowers attached to them. My Mum spent days and days making them - carnations and roses - she made literally hundreds - absolutely beautiful!! We were still roped in to make more when they arrived .. I remember twirling and pinning armfuls of carnations made from tissues!

...They also brought with them a beautiful wedding cake made and decorated by one of her friends ..

... I made huge floating hearts for the swimming pool and filled them with fresh carnations and candles ...
L to R - Kathy's Dad, my Mum, my eldest brother, my younger brother Ian and Kathy, my Dad, Kathy's Mum, Kathy's sister and the two little boys ... Kathy's from a previous marriage.
But my goodness - looking back at the photos - my newish and growing garden is so dry (we must have been having a drought!) but Kathy wanted to stand in front of the lavender bush and say their vows. From where they stood .. saying the vows .. she also wanted to look over and beyond into the distance - as well into my brother's eyes (!) .. which she could do whilst in front of the lavender bush! So we had to position the tent in such a way that their heads were covered .... and I remember the horror on my Mum's face when Ian said that he had hired a yellow and white striped tent! He thought it didn't matter what colour the darn tent was .. but "yellow and pink do not go together" and it had to be changed at the last minute!
Happy memories, happy times, and wonderful years they've shared since then.


  1. This is so special. Thank you so much. We remember our Wedding as if it was yesterday. Time has gone so fast. You and your Mum really worked hard to make our day special and it was. My dress was beautiful. Thank you. You are such a special person so loving, caring and thoughtful. I am so lucky to have you as sister-in-law. Love you loads

  2. Thank you so much!! Big hug to you!! - oh yes and my little brother too!!!

  3. What a great tribute to your brother and sister in law! I love outdoor weddings and home weddings, my husband and I were married at my Mom's house, small and enjoyable...

  4. I remember helping make those flowers!!
    Happy Anniversary to Kathy and Ian!

  5. Beautiful, happy memories....