Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekly Winners : 15 - 21 March

Velvety cerise pink rose with a double centre in a bunch I bought for the vase

Teeny tiny inner flower of the Killie Campbell Bougainvillea

New copper red flowers of the Killie Campbell

Hydrangeas ... again !!
Trying to 'grow big' before winter comes!

Changing to the autumn shades and sprinkled with raindrops

Teeny tiny flower bells of the Golden Abelia
Look .. Nan ..... a p'ane !!

Oooh .. it's a big one!

From where I was sitting at the top of the lawn I zoomed in to Bradley who was watching the cloud shapes

Aaarrgghh! Granny ... stop taking photos!

Eyes .... UP !!

.. and UP ...

... and UP!


.. and the label reads "full flavours, a deep ruby colour and an intense smoky peppery character" ... "ready for immediate consumption (I did as I was told!) but has a good maturation potential" (not a chance .. need to drink it now!)

Groot Constantia is South Africa's oldest wine estate -

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  1. Great photos! I love the hydrangeas

  2. your flowers are so pretty, your grandsons look like they are having a great time!

  3. Mmmm, I would love a glass of that wine with you!
    I love the pictures, as always. My favourite one is the one pointing at the aeroplane, I love that little finger! Your flower pictures are stunning!

  4. Gorgeous flower shots Mom!
    Hehe at the last paragraph.

  5. Thanks, everyone for your comments! Very much appreciated!

  6. Lovely set! Spring is definitely here! The "Granny Stop Take Photos One" is my favorite and that Shiraz looks great!

  7. Beautiful. I love the flower in the flower.

  8. Gorgeous flowers!
    Are they all in your own garden?
    I could get flower envy! :-)
    Bougainvillea always remind me of Capri, the little Island in the Golf of Naples, Italy. Arriving by funicular from Anacapri and walking up the steps towards the famous piazzetta of Capri, all one sees when looking up is the bluest of the blue sky and a huge cloud of magenta bougainville blossoms, with white painted walled beyond. Unforgettable.

    One of my best friends lives in Johannesburg during European winter. I dream of visiting her one day.

  9. Great to see you still have lots of flowers in your garden. I will send the link of you post to my friend Mery who is the PRO at Groot Constantia.