Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekly Winners : 22 - 28 March

"Hello everyone !!!!

"My Nan has had a busy week ... here are her Weekly Winners !!! She has taken loads of photos this week but here are just a few ....... "

"Ooh .. a BIG birdie ... Nan says it's Harry the Hadida ... and we get lots of these in our gardens -they come and eat worms and grubs especially after the rain but this one wanted to drink from the swimming pool .. "

" Here's a HUGE tree in Nan's garden ... " (Silver Birch)

... and these are the leaves that we were sweeping up the other day .."

"... and the tree has funny mouths that always say 'O'

"My big brother B'adley and I have done some painting ..

"... and drawing with 'sidewalk chalks' ...

"Look ... here I am drawing something really special ...

.. just like B'adley did ... he did a drawing of me ....!!! "

"My big brother B'adley does karate and he did his grading ... Nan took her camera and secretly took a photo of him through the glass doors .... !! - there he is on the right

"Here he is doing a 'face block' and if you look carefully you can see that big man looking at B'adley - Nan says he is the examiner ! Nan said B'adley did so well with all his 'things' he had to do ....

"Ooops .... Nan caught me phoning mommy ....

"On Saturday we all went to my cousin's birthday party. Her name is Erin and she had her party because she is turning 2 !!! There were balloons ....

"... and really cool party packs ....

"... and yummy cupcakes all piled up to make a birthday cake ...

"... which was decorated with all these cute pictures ...

"Erin also has two other cousins ... CJ loves her baby brother .. Nan says he's such cutie pie ..

"My aunty and uncle have lots of dogs but the oldest one is Dumbledore - he is a Great Dane and is 8 years old .... he is bigger than me .. he is HUGE !!

" .... can't have a Weekly Winners without adding a flower from Nan's garden so here is a yellow daylily ...
... thanks for coming ... love Connor xxx"
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  1. Great pictures this week. Hard to choose a fave. I like the tree with the O mouth; but I actually thought you were going to say something about an big eyeball watching you...that's what it looks like to me.

  2. Jenni - yes I could have said it was an eye but the tree has other 'eyes' and 'faces' so this looks more like a mouth - to me!

  3. Ooh my favorite is that tree shot from below. The contrast on that bark is quite stunning!

  4. Hehe love the way you wrote that!
    the ones of Connor drawing on the bricks is too cute!

  5. Such fun photos. I love the chalk drawings.

  6. Conner did a great job narrating, great photos, love the getting caught on the phone one. Looks like Erin had a great 2nd birthday! Thank you for sharing

  7. Avril,

    I do live in the Dallas Metroplex area

  8. I love how you let Connor do the talking! I enjoyed the pictures!