Monday, March 16, 2009

Mixed emotions today ...

I am feeling very sad ... I tried to speak to my Mum yesterday evening .. again. Haven't spoken to her for about 4 weeks now - I have had difficulty getting through to the sister's station or she's asleep and last Sunday she was 'having a bad day'. Phoned last night and the sister very very kindly told me "My dear, she just can't come to the phone anymore" in that Cape Coloured accent ..... the sisters and staff are always so kind and gentle. "She is too frail and can't hear, and gets herself into such a state" she said.

I told her that I will be visiting in three weeks time and she said she already knew that as my brother had been to see her during the day and told her ... but I said I will keep phoning her (the sister) to find out how my Mum was doing. "That's fine, my dear, we look forward to it"

Mum and I in 2005 when she became a resident of the Home ..

And ... now for the HAPPY stuff ... .. look where we went yesterday ....

A St Patrick's Day Festival was held over the weekend at Monte Casino and we went along yesterday. Got there early to avoid the crush of people ... Elaine and friends had been on Saturday evening and they had a blast! She said everyone was dressed up in their Irish greens and there were bands, pipers, dancers etc. ... so ...

... we decided to go along and have a look ....

... and a taste ..... of traditional cheeses ... and Irish salmon on "freshly baked brown 'my-mum's-secret-recipe-bread-spread-thickly-with-Irish-butter" ... he said ...straight from Cork !!! YUM!!

And as the crowds gathered ....

.. the Blarney Brothers played traditional jolly Irish songs to get the people clapping and stamping their feet !!!

Soooooo .. guess what we came home with .......

.... plans for a holiday to Ireland ... yippee !!!


  1. It must be so hard not to be able to speak to your mom.... hugggssss!

  2. Always know that your family and friends are there to support you in sad days. Know that I'm thinking of you.

    My fav St Patrick's Day wish is: May you beer always be cold and may the ground not come up to meet your face.

  3. I feel for you Avril, I really do. Keep your chin up. Good thing you're going for a visit!

    Your St Patricks day looked like SUCH fun! A holiday to Ireland ... I've turned a shade of green, in envy, to match the beer! LOL!

  4. looks like you had a great time at the St. Patricks festival....maybe a trip to Ireland?

  5. Looking forward to seeing you on the 4th when you come and see Mum. Have been thinking of Dad too.

    Daniella misses Ireland sooo much. We loved it when we were there. I really hope you go there on holiday.

  6. Big hug, I feel for you. It must be terrible to not be able to be with your mum as much as you want to.
    Going to Ireland huh? I'd love to go there once again too, I love that country, and it's people!