Monday, March 23, 2009

Riding to Granny and Papa's ...

... on Sunday afternoon is fun!

It's downhill all the way until the last little bit ... then the road goes uphill after the dip and the river .. round the bend and it's still a gradual incline up our road. Lance drove the car .. for the homeward bound trip ... 'cos that's now uphill all the way!!!! ... and Mommy walked while the boys rode their bikes. I was too late grabbing by camera to take photos of Bradley coming but I spotted Mommy with Connor who was just a little tired! Phew ! It's the last little bit with those little legs ....

Bradley ran out to walk the final stretch with them ..... (note mommy with camera!)

After quenching the thirst and chatting, we had to do a photo session! Unbelievably as it may sound, we don't have decent photos of the children!!!! My MIL wants photos for a 'family frame' and it's been such a mission to gather photos together!!! So between Jeanette and I, we took quite a few photos trying to get good ones.

That's the best I could do with the two boys together - Bradley is blurred so isn't any good for the 'family set' !!!!

Jeanette doing a photo session on Lainey's gym ball (sshh! we won't tell Lainey the ball came outside!)

Then Bradley wanted to ride on the road for practice and confidence - he needs to get those 'fairy' wheels off!

... and Connor decided running was much more fun ...

... or finding a strip of plastic and waving it around like a whip ... on the other side of the road!!


  1. First thing I noticed in the first pic was the camera strap over her shoulder. LOL.
    The last picture just proofs that kids don't need expensive toys. And by the way, Dylan can't ride his bike without his wheels yet either.

  2. It looks like you had a wonderfully, family week-end!

  3. What a lovely family you have and your grandchildren are beautiful. You are so lucky to have your grown children around you. I see the photograph bug is in your family and I admire anyone who takes beautiful photos, mine are not good and so I leave it to others but sometimes I do want to capture something lovely and then I regret not being a good photographer. Have a happy day today...

  4. Don't you just love the minds of little boys, they are precious

  5. Avril you are so sweet for thinking of me, I'm not really an awards type person but it really makes me feel good that you thought of me!
    Have a great day, enjoy those grandbabies

  6. what fun photo's you all took, it could be here at my house these photos!! Trying to get the grandkids or family members to play along so I can capture the moment....

  7. OMW I look so fat!
    LOL, it was a fun afternoon :)