Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekly Winners : 1 - 7 March

My son always participates in the Cansa Shavathon. He has done for some years now - being a paramedic has transported very ill cancer patients to hospitals and care centres as well as visited 'his' patients in hospitals. Both he and his wife are paramedics who very special people taking the time to care .. during a crisis and afterwards. His father-in-law passed away two years ago from this dreadful disease .. shaving his head means much more now.

A simple gesture for the fight for Cancer. Jeanette's Weekly Winners is dedicated to the Cansa Shavathon and I thought I would add this photo - which I took today (so it doesn't fall into the category of this week's dates for Weekly Winners) but he did participate in the Shavathon yesterday. Nicole and little Erin also had their hair sprayed but today most of it had washed off so I couldn't get a good photo.

By the way - all hair collected is used to make wigs.

Cancer touches us all. I lost my dear friend to breast cancer - she was my bridesmaid at our wedding ... and there was ..... and then there was ...

Just the other day, at gym, I asked one of the ladies how her daughter was. The daughter lives next door to a friend of mine and I have met her on several occasions. She had also battled with overcoming the disease and was in remission when I met her the first time. Such a bubbly, beautiful woman and sooo positive about absolutely everything. I heard recently that IT was back again - and I needed to ask her mum how she was doing. Not good - she was having a bad week having had chemo the week before - but she is still positive that she will beat it again. Her mum has moved in with them to help her.

On a happier note ... my Weekly Winners contribution ...
Opening bud of Germiston Gold

Germiston Gold



White Salvia

Buds of 'Eureka' lemon flowers

'Eureka' lemon flowers

Our little cutie pie granddaughter .. Erin

Another one of 'Granny's Speciality' birthday cakes for my son's birthday last Sunday

New and old - 20 years to be exact!!

Not bad for 20 years!

Bradley on the old one (Elaine's old bike!) and Connor on the new one

Vroom vroom vroom !

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  1. Opening bud has got to be my favorite this week. Great pictures.

    Glad to see the support for the cancer research, too, again here. I donate my hair annually as well. It's not much, but it's what I can do to help out.

  2. Love the rose photos, so beautiful. I wish my roses would flower properly.
    Did you get your hair sprayed as well?

  3. The cupcake is by far my favorite!!!

  4. Good for him! What a great thing to do.

    Love the rose shot!

  5. Love those rose photos. Love them.

  6. Great shots this week. I love the roses and other flowers.

  7. Such great, full-of-love, images!!

  8. You have a wonderful son! I'm sure the person that ends up with his hair will be forever grateful. You seem to have a very nice family, and your grand children are just adorable