Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fabulous Blog Award ..

I was absolutely thrilled to receive this award from Eleanor. Thank you so much, Eleanor!

Having only started a blog a few months ago .. and needing loads of help from Jeanette to begin with .. and still do at times ... lots of times! .... I was delighted that there are friends in bloggie world who read and enjoy my blog!!

The Rules of the Fabulous Blog Award - (which is so 50's and early 60's as Eleanor said! It takes me back too, to those days when my Mum wore clothes like that! - not the handbag .. hers would have been a small one hooked over her arm .. and she would never have the doggie!)

1. Pass it on to five other Fabulous Bloggers in a post.

2. Include the person that gave you the award, and link it back to them.

3. List five of your Fabulous addictions in the post.

My five Fabulous Bloggers - also, as with the previous award, I found this really really difficult as I really really enjoy so many!! Ummm - so here goes - and I don't want to offend anyone if I leave them out! .. but five is so few and rules are rules !!

Jeanette - I know, I am biased ... but your photography has improved by leaps and bounds and really have become a fabulous photographer! Yours is always the first blog I go to, to see what you have photographed or how your photograph came out as often you walk down the driveway to fetch the boys with camera bag slung over your shoulder and say "I need a photo"! AND just to add as I've just heard ... you have made the finals of the Best Photographic Blog! A sure winner!

Jientje - I enjoy visiting your fabulous world in Belguim - a place I would love to visit ... one day!

Firefly - yes - another award from me! .. and I hope you don't mind the very feminine photo - (I wonder if they have male ones?) ... but your photos are fabulous giving us an insight into Port Elizabeth and surrounding areas (which hubby and I have never visited - shocking, I know!)

Marcelle - yes - another award from me as well! ... but I love your fabulous photos of your surroundings in Germany and your family who are so far away from you (not at the moment!) and I enjoy reading about your 'new' life away from home - don't like the sad bits but am always there to 'listen' !

Janet - yes - another award from me too! .. but I really do enjoy reading your fabulous blog which is always so varied with little travel bits and treasures you show, family snippets and food bits ....

There are so many more Fabulous blogs I follow and enjoy reading!

Now for the last bit .......

My Five Fabulous addictions ... had to really think about as I didn't really think I was addicted to anything at the moment .. except blogging of course! ... but then with help from my family, they rattled off many of my addictions!!! so choosing five was also tricky!!!!


Perfume - must wear it every day no matter what! Have done forever!

Gardening - it gives me such pleasure to do and just to be in

Yoga - gives me inner peace

Photography - like to capture memories and beauty in the world around me


  1. Thanks Mom :) I'm on my way to your house now with my camera... I need photos :)

    I have another addiction for you... coffee at coffee shops in the mornings

  2. Marcelle will tell you all about the discussion we had the one day on the Facebook live chat. It was all about how she couldn't understand how I would enjoy her blog as it was such an girly blog. I commented something about being in touch with my feminine side and that is how the whole *giggle* thing started when we comment on each other's posts. So don't worry the feminine picture. Just imagine me being the guy just out of picture behind her checking out her fabulous but... figure.
    Thanks for another award. Much appreciated.